Wednesday, 23 September 2020



Guidelines for Examinees appearing for SEM-V & VI ATKT Examinations  (Online) of  September/ October 2020.

1.     Ensure that you have joined the Whatsapp Group’ created by the subject teacher.

2.     Send your email id on that group which you will be using to take the examination. Responses from other emails will not be considered.

3.     Zoom meeting link-id  will be shared by the supervisor on your mobile. Join the zoom meeting , and in the chat box the question paper link i.e. google form link will be shared.

4.     Join the zoom meeting 15 minutes before , Question Paper link (i.e. google form) will be enabled 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

5.     Rename yourself with your Seat Number and name. It will be recorded (screen ) by the supervisor for future reference.

6.     Ensure that you have data pack, connectivity and get other such technical issues resolved before the examination.

7.     Follow the instructions given by the Supervisor, you may be asked to keep your camera on as and when required.  Non-cooperation will be viewed as an attempt of malpractice.

8.     Do not share the link with anyone, avoid unfairmeans, malpractice, etc. during examinations.

9.     Any malpractice/s will be immediately reported to the University  and action will be initiated against the examinee